Cheapest Homes in Pennsylvania

With the economy as drastic as it is today, finding the cheapest homes in Pennsylvania is a must for residents looking to buy a new or foreclosed home. On the housing market, there are several homes to choose from. Foreclosed homes, houses needing renovation, and those that just have to be sold are great places to start looking. Foreclosed homes in Philadelphia start as low as $12,000 or can be broken into payments of $64 monthly. Homes in Pittsburgh are selling on average of around $13,500 or around $80-$85 monthly. With every county in Pennsylvania selling homes at these low rates, there are homes on the market for every person dreaming of owning their own homes.

Counties in Pennsylvania with foreclosed homes for sell, just to name a few, are:

Foreclosed Homes

The Cheapest Homes in PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia residents have sold approximately 9,400 homes in the last three months. An average of 7,400 homes have been foreclosed and resold for a fraction of the value of the home in the past three months. Foreclosed homes are on average around 15% cheaper than the market price of the home. This means that a house valued at $100,000 that was foreclosed can be auctioned off or resold at around $85,000. A home sold for $12,000 could be valued at around $18,000-$20,000. When a home is bought and years down the road can't be paid for, the government will foreclose on the house. Sometimes when a person goes into debt, as government repossession, they may foreclose upon the person's home. The value of the home is used in order to pay off the debt. This is a rare procedure, but it does happen. Auctions are held periodically and many people come out to bid on the houses that have been foreclosed upon. The cheapest homes in Pennsylvania are usually those that have been foreclosed upon.

Towns with the Cheapest Homes

Research shows that homes located in unfamiliar towns go the cheapest. In a big city like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital, homes may run around $150,000-$200,000. This is due to tourism and population. However, in a small town such as Altoona, Pennsylvania, a brand new home can be purchased for as low as $30,000. Altoona has an average population of about 47,000 and is not commonly known to those who do not reside in Pennsylvania. Cadillac, Pennsylvania has homes for sale for around $50,000. This is an average price for the cheapest homes in Pennsylvania.

Choosing the Best Home

When someone has decided to buy a new home, he or she has several factors to consider. The current size of the family and the possibility of new members to the family is the biggest factor. The location and neighborhood is the next thing they should consider. He or she should also figure in the bills and deduct from the income to know what they could spend on a mortgage to buy the house. The next thing they should do is find an agent that will help them find the cheapest homes in Pennsylvania. When a house is decided upon, any renovations that may be needed can begin as soon as the home is purchased. One should never discriminate against a house because of color, landscaping, or other minor details that can be changed. No matter what size, location, or style of home, it is possible to find a cheap home in this great state.

How to Find the Cheapest Homes in Pennsylvania

There are several house-hunting methods that will help an individual find the best deal on a house. Century 21 offers their services online and has several office locations. This is the first choice of many future home owners. Various online websites offer comparison rates for homes in different cities of Pennsylvania. Local auctions for homes held in a person’s area are an ideal way to evaluate the local housing market for cheap homes. Previewing several open houses allows the individual to compare prices of the home-styles he or she prefers. There are several great ways to find the cheapest houses in Pennsylvania without compromising one's favorite style of a house.

Two Bedroom Homes

Many small families in Pennsylvania seek out two bedroom homes. These homes are also ideal for couples who want the extra room for a guest room. Two bedroom homes can be found cheap in many places in Pennsylvania. The following towns in Pennsylvania offer two bedroom homes for sale for under $50,000:

These towns are all great locations for finding the perfect two bedroom home.

Three Bedroom Homes

For slightly larger families, three bedroom homes become a necessity. Three bedroom homes can house three to six people comfortably. When shopping for a new home, newly wedded couples would prefer to start out in a three bedroom home when planning for a family in the near future. Spare bedrooms can be prepared for the children early, or become temporary guest bedrooms. It is possible to find three bedroom homes for sale in the following Pennsylvania towns:

Four or More Bedroom Homes

Families that are bigger need a home that is larger in size. Four or more bedrooms may be needed to keep privacy protected or to house more family members. When selecting a larger home, like one with four bedrooms or more, the pricing may get a little difficult. Yet still, homes can be found in Pennsylvania for under $50,000. The following towns have four bedrooms and are still classified with the cheapest homes in Pennsylvania:

Five bedroom homes can be found for under $50,000 in these towns:

Using an Agent to Find the Perfect Home

Houses over five bedrooms are also available under $50,000 but an agent will need to be contacted to find these locations. Agents that are assigned to a certain family or individual will get a detailed profile of the person’s family and the family’s needs in a home. He or she will then compile a list of available homes that best suit the family. A great agent is geared towards finding the family the cheapest homes in Pennsylvania. The agent will alert the family or individual about any open houses in the area, or just outside of their local area, if that home may be what the client is looking for.

Using an Internet Source for Finding a Home

When someone is looking for a home, online resources may be able to help them. Many sellers place their advertisements online so that the buyer can email them for instructions. Others may place the home on an online market. Real Estate Agents like Century 21 have websites where the buyer can enter their search preferences such as proximity, price and size, and features and search for local listings. This can be useful because the person searching can see the details of the house and go look for themselves instead of waiting for an agent to get in contact with them. The buyer can view pictures of homes that are within his or her preference range and choose the one that suits them best. Contact numbers can be acquired on request.

Listings in Local Papers

Many Real Estate Agents choose to purchase an advertisement spot in a local newspaper or sales paper. The advertisement can be for the Agency or for a specific house. When someone sees the article and is interested, he or she can contact the agency for details. If the advertisement is for the Agency in general, a person may call to find out what listings the agency has in a certain area or that meet a certain criteria. When someone chooses to sell their home, they can call the agency and get a pricing. When an agent receives a new listing for a home that meets a certain client's preferences, the agent will contact them letting them know that a new home has been added to the market.

The Reason Why Many People Are Buying New Homes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live. With its temperature ranging from around 18 degrees Fahrenheit to around 82 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the ideal place to live. This place sees snow in the winter and warm weather in the summer. It hosts one of the major Great Lakes known as Lake Erie. Some of the major rivers that run through Pennsylvania are the Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Allegheny River, and the Ohio River. With these rivers and Lake Erie, fishing and boating are among the favorite things to do for Pennsylvania residents. Many people move to Pennsylvania each year because of the fantastic treasures Pennsylvania holds. People find this a great state to retire to, and also a great place to start a new family in. This is why many people choose to buy a new home in Pennsylvania.