Cheapest Homes in Connecticut

On your next trip to New York City, talk to more New Yorkers than you normally would and see how many of them commute from Connecticut. You'd be surprised at the number of people who work in the Big Apple like in the neighboring small state, which goes a long way to explaining why housing prices aren't as cheap in Connecticut as they would be in, say, Alabama or Iowa.

You won't get out cheaper renting in Connecticut. One recent study showed you would have to make $23 an hour to afford a standard 2-bedroom apartment. Compared to the wide open spaces out west, Connecticut is a small state and a lot of people want to live there. So if you are moving from another part of the country (besides California), you're probably going to be floored by some of the prices you encounter. On the other hand, wages are higher in the Greater New York City Municipal Area, in order to balance out the high price of living.

One other bit of good news is you can find good, cheap houses in Connecticut if you look hard enough. In most cases, you just have to know where to look. Or, since I know where to look for you, all you have to do is read on.

Cheapest Homes in Bridgeport

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut with 136,000 people. Bridgeport is located roughly 45 to 50 miles from New York City, explaining it's size. The cheapest home on the market in Bridgeport is a 4 bed, 2 bath home with 1,188 square feet which is offered for $41,500. This house is listed as a 2 family abode, though. Lenox Avenue has a 4 bed, 2 bath selling for $67,000, though I could not find the square footage (it's two story).

On the other hand, a 1 bed, 1 bath condominium with 651 square feet on Glendale Avenue Unit G is selling for $66,300. If you aren't much interested in a condo arrangement and you're a little nervous about the 4 bedroom residence, you might check out a 2 bed, 1 bath single family home with 1,016 square feet. This house, located on Olive Street, sells for $69,000.

Compared to the size of houses in certain other states, you might be shocked at how few square feet are in many of the homes. As I said before, Connecticut is a small place. Try living on Manhattan and see how big even expensive living arrangements are.

Cheapest Homes in New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut is a city of 123,000 residents which is just under 80 miles from New York City. If you think you've heard something about New Haven, it's probably because this municipality is home to the world famous Yale University. Yale is an Ivy League school and primary rival of Harvard in all things. Graduates of Yale have gone on to occupy the White House and benches on the Supreme Court, while certain elite Yale alumni are members of secret societies from the campus days like Skull & Bones and Scroll & Key--bring me the Grey Poupon.

You might be surprised to find a few affordable homes in the New Haven area, such as a 3 bed, 1 bath residence on Downes Street with an asking price of $35,000. This house is up for auction, so there's no telling what the finally price is going to be. Dickerman Street has a house for sale at the $64,000 plateau, though the full information for this home is missing. If you can afford a more expensive home or you need bigger accommodations, you can buy an $84,000 home (two family) on Glen Haven Road which has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and over 4,300 square feet.

Cheap Waterbury, Connecticut Homes

When searching for houses in New Haven County, also check on the housing situation in nearby Waterbury. At the moment, a 3-bedroom home on Chapman Avenue in Waterbury is selling for $45,000, while a 4-bedroom house on Maynard Avenue is being sold for $41,000. You might have to drive in to New Haven, but you'll get a significant reduction on the price tag.

Cheapest Homes in Hartford

Hartford is the second largest city in Connecticut, with just over 124,000 residents. Hartford is found in the central part of the state and stands as its own metropolitan center. Greater Hartford between the city of Hartford and the city of Springfield, Massachusetts has over 1.2 million residents. This area is called the Knowledge Corridor, because the region contains 32 different universities. Hartford is second only to San Francisco in per capita spending in America, so you can expect the housing situation in the Hartford area to be commensurate.

HUD has a new 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom home on Capitol Avenue in Hartford selling for $75,000. In East Hartford (a different municipality, of around 51,000 people), a 3 bed, 1 bath residence on Tolland Street just had its price reduced to $69,000.